Work Package 7

Security, legal and ethical aspects

WP Leader: FOND. ADAPT >


The action of WP7 is also a crosssectional one to guarantee that all the security, legal and ethical aspects follow the highest standards as per national and international laws and directories. It will also analyse how legislation could aid in the implementation of EMPOWER.

This WP will constantly interact with other WPs. Some of the tasks are: review of the legislations, at an EU-level and national-level, related to the prevention of mental health problems in the workplace, preparation of relevant documents for the control trial (i.e. participants’ information sheets and informed consents), preparation of the study protocol for approval by the ethics committees from each centre where the control trials will take place, assist in data management and data processing (in the development of the eHealth platform), produce guidelines for data security, and review relevant regulations for data protection.

Constant contact with the ethics committees from each site and with the DPO from FSJD will be held during the whole project.