Work Package 3

Field trials in SMEs and public agencies

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A Stepped Wedge Trial Design (SWTD) Randomized methodology will be followed in the three countries (Finland, Poland and Spain). First, SMEs and public agencies will be invited to participate and will be randomly allocated in different clusters (intervention and control), which will enter the study at different periods.

Then, we will analyse the eligibility of workers for participating in the control trial and get their informed consent. Those participants who are meeting the inclusion criteria will be invited to download the application to their mobile phones, and will be able to start the assessment (including the psychosocial risk factors assessment, the screening test and the pre-treatment assessment) and use the modules to reduce mental health problems and time to return to work. In parallel, they will also have access to the online platform with the anti-stigma material and will also be exposed to the antistigma campaign in their workplace. The intervention will last 8 weeks.

After the intervention, they will fill post-treatment and follow-up assessments through the app. Those workers who reach the cut-off points for depression or anxiety, or report suicidal thoughts will be shown a disclosure about it and referred to their medical doctor.

WP3 will work closely with WP7 to ensure confidentiality, anonymity and that all the security and ethics standards are met. Quality assurance procedures will be implemented during the whole fieldwork period.