Work Package 1

Design of an eHealth platform to reduce the large impact of mental health problems in the workplace.

WP Leader: UoY >


This WP is aimed at designing and populating the EMPOWER eHealth platform which will include various components:

  1. a component to tackle stigma and raise awareness about mental health;
  2. a component to assess and reduce psychosocial risk factors in the workplace;
  3. a component to detect common mental disorders (anxiety and depression) and suicidal risk;
  4. to prevent and reduce psychological distress; and
  5. to help reduce time to return to work. This WP also includes the design of the assessment protocol for measuring outcomes necessaries to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the program.

This WP will do this in collaboration with local user groups (as stakeholders) and members of the external stakeholder Committee. It will also translate and culturally and contextually adapt the intervention the intervention to the different contexts so as to ensure the highest usability, acceptability and adherence within users.