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Länsirannikon Työterveys Oy provides services that promote occupational health, well-being and safety to wellbeing services counties of Southwest Finland and Satakunta, the cities of Turku and Salo as well as subsidiaries of Turku.

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The services are designed and implemented together with the workplaces. Statutory services offered include preventive occupational health care, and strong ethics and good occupational health care practices guide all of our operations.

Länsirannikon Työterveys Oy is a domestic actor with a clear objective of maintaining and promoting well-being at work. Research at Länsirannikon Työterveys Oy focuses on high-quality research in the field of Public and Occupational Health, together with national and also international networks.

Expertise relevant to Empower: Occupational Health, Organization and Strategy, Mental Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Problems, Social Support, Team Climate, Disability Pensions, Well-being at Work etc.

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Project Staff

Marjo Sinokki
Marjo Sinokki, Project Director

Ph.D, eMBA, Specialist in Occupational Health and in Healthcare

Länsirannikon Työterveys Oy,

Hämeenkatu 10, FI-20500 Turku, Finland

tel +358 504187078

Marjo Sinokki is PhD, MD and eMBA and she has specialized in occupational health research and managed occupational health for ten years. She has specialized as a doctor both in occupational health and in public health. Her different research fields include team climate, social support, motivation and well-being at work. She has also written books about motivation at work and well-being at work. She is a member in several national Occupational health groups.