The specific objectives of EMPOWER are to:

Objective 1

Develop, in collaboration with all stakeholder groups, a modular, culturally- and gender-sensitive multi-modal and integrative eHealth platform compiling the most feasible, brief and cost-effective interventions currently available in Europe to promote health and wellbeing, prevent common mental disorders and reduce the impact of mental health problems in the workplace, taking into account both contextual and individual factors, including co-morbidities.

Objective 2

Pilot the implementation of this eHealth platform by means of a randomized controlled trial directed to employees and employers of SMEs and public agencies, including workplaces with new working trends, such as remote jobs, from three European countries representing different cultural settings.

Objective 3

Evaluate the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit and potential societal impact of the eHealth platform and its components as well as the factors influencing a favourable uptake of the eHealth platform in practice.

Objective 4

Ensure, in collaboration with the External Ethics Committee, that every action and output carried out within the EMPOWER project complies with any legal and ethical requirements and analyse work-related legislation and directives for mental health and wellbeing that could facilitate the implementation of the EMPOWER platform.

Objective 5

Investigate the most effective implementation strategies for the successful uptake of the eHealth platform and determine, supported by input from collaborating stakeholders, the most appropriate strategy for the program.