The European Parliament Adopts a Resolution About Mental Health in the Digital Workspace

Dr Jose Luis Ayuso Mateos

EMPOWER researcher José Luis Ayuso from UAM team has participated in the review of a resolution adopted by the European Parliament with 501 votes in favour, 47 against and 85 abstentions, which recognises the benefits of working from home, like increased flexibility and autonomy, but warns of the significant health risks stemming from over-connection, a blurring of the lines between work and private life, and higher work intensity or “technostress” – the stress linked to work-related technology use.

The Parliament asks the EU institutions and member states to further regulate digital work to protect mental health, in cooperation with employers and workers’ representatives. The Commission, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and member states should include mental health in their health crisis and pandemic emergency response and preparedness plans. MEPs have called for a directive on minimum standards and conditions to ensure all workers the effective right to disconnect, and to regulate the use of existing and new digital tools for work purposes.

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