Pan-European Mental Health Coalition (4th – 5th May)

Pan-European Mental Health Coalition

Prof. JL Ayuso from the Spanish UAM team contributed to the 1st meeting of the Pan-European Mental Health Coalition that took place 4-5 May organized by the European Office of the WHO.

Launched on 30 September in Brussels, the Coalition is a partnership dedicated to improving mental health across the WHO European Region. It will target gaps in mental health services by gathering national leaders, professionals, members of civil society, representatives of international organizations and experts to collaborate on bringing mental health out of the shadows and into the mainstream. Key priorities for the Coalition will be to transform mental health services and integrate mental health into emergency response and recovery efforts, as well as promoting mental health and preventing mental ill health across the life course.

Prof. Ayuso from EMPOWER WP5 participated on the discussions dedicated to the topic “Supporting the promotion of mental health in the workplace”, which is one of the main areas of work within the Coalition.

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