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A Semantic Service-Oriented Private Adaptation Layer Enabling the Next Generation, Interoperable and Easy-to-Integrate Software Products of European Software SMEs

In the past, the need for integration was driven by lower-level needs to share information among applications. Today, business drivers fuel the need for integration – the need for business to respond to regulatory challenges, improve business process execution, grow employee productivity, and improve customer service is a hallmark driving organizations to integrate applications.

Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs), business process management (BPM), composite applications, and other new application requirements have become the driving force in the market. Integration of enterprise applications (EAI) is the new direction of application development. Rather than create new, separate programs, vendors are starting to integrate existing applications to better use, share and allocate resources within an organization.

The EMPOWER project proposes an innovative framework and the enabling technologies that will allow the European Software SMEs to create their next generation, loosely-coupled, interoperable and easy-to-integrate Commercial-off-the-Shelf software products, leveraging the quality of the application software and the integration services delivered to their customers. 

We are happy to announce that the System Adaptation Layer (SAL component) has been released in Github. 

You can also watch the EMPOWER SAL demo in our Demos section!